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Alejandro, also known as Cactus Man, is an unused character in HorrorVale. He was designed by BatWorks Software to be a playable party member, but due to the limited amount of PM slots was ultimately left out.




Cactus Man is a cactus gunslinger.


What part of unused party member did you not understand?


Cactus Man is a humanoid cactus in an orange shirt and tan colored chaps. He wears grey cowboy boots and a large grey belt around his waist. He wears a red shawl around his shoulders and keeps a pistol holstered around his waist. He wears a large sombrero with an ornamental skull.


It is unknown what Alejandro's abilities would be, although it is not hard to imagine his abilities would incorporate the lasso and pistol featured in his concept art.


  • As with most of the playable characters designed by Batworks Software, Alejandro is a nod to an established character from a series revolving around horror. Alejandro is inspired by the Cactus Gunman from Gregory Horror Show.
  • Although Cactus Man may not appear in HorrorVale, he is still considered by the development team to be a canonical character currently existing elsewhere in the Underworld.