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Alice is a skeletal witch and the main protagonist of HorrorVale. The game revolves around her quest to rescue her undog, Scruffy, after he escapes from Skeleton Manor.


Alice is named after the titular character of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's (Lewis Carroll) novel Alice in Wonderland, according to BatWorks Software.


Alice is a seventeen (17) year old skeletal witch who lives with her father and their undog, Scruffy, in the Skeleton Manor. She is a student currently enrolled at HorrorVale High. Alice has experienced several deaths, one at age 2, one at age 3, and one week prior to the start of the game.


Alice is available at the start of the game and does not need to be recruited.


Alice's head is a rounded skull with three protrusions from the bottom made to resemble teeth. Three black marks resembling eyelashes are featured under her eye sockets. Her hands are visible and feature four digits on each hand, a thumb, index, middle/ring, and a pinky finger.

Alice wears a black long sleeved robe similar to her father with a black cape trailing behind. Alice also wears a black witches hat that matches the color of her robes.


As Alice is a witch she occupies the role of a mage, able to use various magical abilities that cost FP to deal damage.

◈ Heal

As all residents of HorrorVale are dead, Heal does not heal Alice as one may expect but instead deals nature elemental damage to the opponent. Costs 50 FP.

◈ Poison

Like with the previously mentioned heal ability, due to the way all residents of HorrorVale are already dead, poison is instead a support ability used to provide an ally with a death-points (HP) regenerating buff. Costs 20 FP.

◈ Decompose

Single turn Greater DP recovery that costs more than Poison. Costs 50 FP.

◈ Bone Barrage

A bone element fear attack. Alice's strongest ability in the Act 1 demo. Costs 80 FP.

Ability FP Cost Element Target Description
Heal 50 Nature Enemy -Single Target Alice uses healing magic on an undead foe, dealing damage.
Poison 20 N/A Ally - Single Target Inflicts target with the poisoned status effect. Targets under this effect recover a moderate amount of DP each turn.
Decompose 50 N/A Ally - Single Target Alice uses arcane magic to heal an undead ally for a fair amount.
Bone Barrage 80 Bone Enemy - Single Target Alice uses a spell to pelt the enemy with many bones.


  • BatWorks Software programmer Dustin Andrews owns a cat named Alice after the main protagonist.
  • As evidenced by the plaque on the gate of her family's home, Alice's last name is Nettle.