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BatWorks Software is the development team behind HorrorVale. It is composed of Dustin Andrews (Programmer, Coding, and Lead Artist) and Matthew Rock (Composer, Sound Director).


Formerly Alarkus Games, BatWorks Software is the development team responsible for the development of the game. BatWorks Software was founded by two individuals, Dustin Andrews: creator of the "Sand Bandits" and "Jonto" webcomic series, and Matthew Rock: an independent composer behind the OST for Undersea, Wildwood, This Game is Trash, Choco Hunters, Galactic Space Junk, and Reed Fields.


In addition to Dustin and Matt, HorrorVale receives assistance through the dedicated work of several supporters and volunteers.

Testing Department

The Testing Department is a group of volunteers responsible for testing builds of the game to provide feedback, find bugs, and help ensure a fair difficulty curve. Testers are carefully picked individuals from the community and are required to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (also known as NDA's) prior to the start of their work. While the testing department is responsible for finding a majority of the bugs and glitches in the builds, they are not able to account or identify all possible and potential glitches. If players discover glitches, it is recommended they inform Batworks Software, preferred methods include leaving a message in the "Suit HQ" channel of the HorrorVale Discord or through a Discussion Board post on the game's Steam community page.

Art Department

The Art Department is a small team of individuals who provide additional art for HorrorVale (such as some of the character conversation portraits) or provide concept art to help Lead Artist and Designer Dustin Andrews with designs for NPC's.

Additional Assistance

In addition to the two previously mentioned departments, HorrorVale's development is also assisted by a number of individuals who provide a range of services. Two of these individuals include a Scripter who provides Custom Scripts for RPG Maker to suit HorrorVale's needs, and a Video Editor responsible for the creation of the trailers featured on HorrorVale's Youtube channel.

Wiki Editors

The HorrorVale Wiki was founded by members of the official HorrorVale community operated by the Developers and continues to be largely operated by that same community. The HorrorVale Wiki, while an independent entity from Batworks Software, holds a relatively close relationship with Batworks Software. This can be seen with how the official website for the game features a direct link to the Wiki. Lead Artist and Designer Dustin Andrews is also a contributor to the wiki himself and has stated during the development of Act 1 that it was often faster for him to pull up the Element Type Chart from the wiki rather than to dig through his computer for the chart.

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