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Bigfoot is a character in HorrorVale. He is a member of Mothman's party, the Cryptid Crew, and serves as an antithesis to Bolt.


Named after the Cryptid known as Bigfoot.


At some point in time, Bigfoot journeyed to Yomi where he learned the martial art of Sasquando. Since then, he has returned to HorrorVale to assist his friend Mothman.


A key element of Bigfoot's design is with his focus on kicks and lower body strength, whereas Bolt possesses significant upper body strength.

Bigfoot is a tall ape like creature with brown fure and has his hair bound in a braided pony tail. He wears a brown sleeveless training robe with a black sash featuring a flame pattern around the legs. He wears golden arm bands around his arms, and his robe is embroidered with a B emblem.


Currently unknown. Relies heavily on kick-based attacks however contrast Bolt's fist-based attacks.