Bolt is the Frankenknight, a Frankenling and a Party Member in HorrorVale.


Bolt is named after two things.

One: A bolt of lightning such as the one that gave Frankenstein's Monster life.

Two: The machine part that holds things together.


Bolt was created by Mayor Finkleheim. He isn't even a year old.


Bolt is a party member that will join Alice after completing Act 1.


Bolt is buff and top heavy with the same green skin of his species wearing modern knight-like armor with a light bulb belt buckle and cables running to a generator on his back.


Bolt possesses incredible defense, fear defense, and DP. This makes him an excellent tank intended to take most of the damage received by the party. In Act 1 Bolt possesses four abilities:

◈ Provoke

Gathers the attention of an enemy, making them aggro specifically to Bolt. 20 FP

◈ Shockwave

An attack that deals roughly 200 damage to all enemies. 60 FP

◈ Thunderwave

An attack that will paralyze an enemy if it hits. 30 FP

◈ Recharge

Gives Bolt the ability to heal over time, similar to Alice's poison ability. 50 FP

Ability FP Cost Element Target Description
Provoke 20 User Grab the enemy's attention. Inflicts the user with the provoked status effect. Targets under this effect are more likely to be targeted by an enemy than their allies.
Shockwave 60 Lightning All Enemies Summon lightning to strike all foes, dealing considerable damage. Has a chance of inflicting the paralyzed status effect. Targets under this effect are unable to act for 3 turns.
Thunderwave 30 Enemy - Single Target A low powered electrical attack that will paralyze the enemy if it hits. Unlike Shockwave, this attack deals no damage.
Recharge 50 User Inflicts the user with the charging status effect. Targets under this effect will restore some DP at the end of each turn. Bolt's variation of Alice's poison ability.


  • Bolt's experiment number is a reference to Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, which was 280 pages long.
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