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Chad is a character who appears in HorrorVale, he is the star skullball player of HorrorVale High.


Named after the proverbial Chad in the 'The Virgin vs. Chad' meme.


Chad is a 17-year-old jock who is widely popular for being the star skullball player on the school's team. He ruthlessly bullies Jekyll for his inability to stand up for himself.


Chad is recruited along with Jekyll at the end of Jekyll's recruitment quest. To begin the quest Alice needs to talk to Jekyll at the front gates of HorrorVale High. Jekyll will state how Chad has stolen his GameDude Horror and requests Alice to get it back. After finding the GameDude Horror Chad immediately appears and will fight the player. Once defeated, Alice can return to Jekyll to complete the quest where both he and Chad will join Alice's party, acting like a two for one character who switch between each other.


Chad is a large, muscular ghoul with spiked brown hair wearing the HorrorVale Jock Jersey.


Chad has no abilities, relying solely on his physical attacks. His main gimmick is switching out with Jekyll every three turns. Chad has high physical stats, allowing him to deal damage on par with Alice's Heal ability with his physical attack alone, but has incredibly low Death Points making him very fragile in battle. He and Jekyll also possess an incredibly high-speed stat.