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Don't Know What is an enemy in HorrorVale. They are the second Frankenling Experiment the player encounters in HorrorVale Heights.



  • During the testing of Act 1, Don't Know What was one of the most difficult enemies that could be encountered, so much in fact that often times defeating him came down to pure luck. This was due to the fact that a scripting issue caused text boxes to disappear if all members in the party were afflicted with a status condition (or if the player only had Alice, it would occur after she was statused). This made it impossible to realize initially that enemies could reinflict status effects, essentially resetting the 3 turn timer. As Don't Know What's primary Fear Ability causes confusion, which results in the inflicted user auto-attacking, it essentially resulted in the game going into auto-pilot that was almost guaranteed to result in a game over if the player was hit once by Don't Know What.
  • The item Don't Know What drops upon defeat cures a party member of confusion. This item is called the "HorrorVale Wiki", a nod to this wiki.