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Experiment 280, also referred to as E-280, is an enemy and serves as the act boss of Act 1.


E-280 is a powerful Frankenling designed by Mayor Finkleheim for the expressed purpose of defending HorrorVale from the Creepy invasion. When Alice reaches the mayor, he mistakes her for a Creepy sympathizer and directs E-280 to attack the player.


E-280 is not overwhelmingly powerful, however his battle his primarily an endurance run as he'll attempt to wear down the Player over time. In addition, E-280 is capable of causing the Paralysis Status Effect, which causes a paralyzed character to be entirely unable to act for three consecutive turns. It is likely over the course of the battle, if the player becomes too reckless, that Jekyll/Chad will be the first to go down, followed most likely by Wraps. This is due to E-280's Elemental type advantage over the two of them.

It is recommended for the player to ignore using Alice's Decompose ability and to instead rely on stockpiling Flu's bought from Jiang's shop (additionally, the player can backtrack to Central Square where Jiang sells Flu for a reduced price at 20¢ per bottle rather than her Height's price of 40¢). Furthermore, to prevent the effect's of E-280's paralysis, it is highly recommended that the player purchase and equip lightning badges for the party available from Jiang's shop at Hodgepodge Hideaway.


  • During development, E-280 was considerably too strong to beat, even with party members. In addition, he was able to easily paralyze the player, and due to a bug where if a character is statused while already statused, the status counter resets to zero (Effectively stun-locking the player and preventing them from doing anything), which made being paralyzed a guaranteed game over. As a result, his attack power was reduced considerably and the lightning badges were buffed significantly, resulting in his current battle being more of an endurance run.