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Fig Irwin is a playable character in HorrorVale, he is an 18-year-old Yaramayhawho.


A nod to Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, due to his species origins.




Fig is an optional playable character. He is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Fig joins the team.


Fig is small, with elongated arms and legs. Fig is primarily red, with purple streaks running down his arms, legs, and the sides of his body. Fig wears a cork hat with figs hanging from it, a brown open shirt, brown shorts, sandals, and an orange backpack.


Fig is a yaramayhawho, a creature of Australian Aboriginal mythology. They are vampire-like beings that resemble red frog-like creatures. Living atop wild fig trees, they hunt during the day, laying in wait for their prey.

Should a person rest beneath their fig tree, the yaramayhawho will jump down and drain their blood before swallowing them whole. Not long after, they will vomit out their victim, now slightly smaller and slightly redder. Should the same person be a repeated victim, they will eventually become a yaramayhawho themself.


Completely Unknown.


  • Fig is the ninth Patron-made playable character.