Flatwoods Monster, also referred to as Flatty, is a character in HorrorVale. She is a member of Mothman's party, the Cryptid Crew, and serves as an antithesis to Alice. She was officially announced on December 7th, 2019.


Named after the Cryptid known as the Flatwoods Monster.




Flatty is a dark-skinned creature with thin arms and a thin body. Her headpiece consists of a red leaf shaped helmet with a transparent glass dome attached to the front. Attached to the front of her dome is a respirator with two tubes that travel under her arms towards her back. She wears massive red pauldrons. She wears a dark red/violet skirt with several darker spots dotted around the upper half of the skirt. Her hands consist of two large digits that glow violet. The bottom of her skirt features three glowing spots reminiscent of lights that may be seen from some UFO’s. Flatty has four eyes, the upper set being noticeably smaller that glow violet.

In combat, Flatty utilizes a small wand like weapon referred to as the "Radio Wrench".




  • Most members of the Cryptid Crew went through significant redesigns during HorrorVale’s development. Flatty’s original design featured a more humanoid shaped body and she did not wear a helmet. Her redesign was created by merging this original design with a version of the Flatwoods Monster designed by Hamberry, who also created SlimeBerry.
  • After her design was purchased, the design's creator, Hamberry, posted a special recolor of her Flatwoods design to resemble Flatty's current coloring stating it was to "foreshadow some exciting news". This recolored variant is the version of HamBerry's design that is featured in the gallery.
  • Flatty's shoulder pauldrons resemble those worn by the Time Lords, and the Radio Wrench is a nod to the Sonic Screwdriver, both featured in the series "Dr. Who".


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