Fluche, the Knight of Games


Fluche's name comes from the word flush, a term used to denote when a card player has five cards of the same suit.


Currently unknown


Fluche is an optional playable character. He is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Fluche joins the team.


Fluche is a card soldier with a stitched heart on his card body and the letters 'H' and 'V' (Standing for HorrorVale) replacing the numbers, a spade-tipped spear as a weapon, a clover-shaped shield with red and black blotches, and a diamond-shaped knight's helmet.


Fluche's primary gimmick is that he possesses stronger abilities than some of the other party members, however whether or not they succeed is based up to luck.


  • Fluche is the third Patron-made playable character.
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