Flynt Fulgore is a character in HorrorVale. He is a half-gryphon, half-phoenix chimera.


His first name is a misspelling of Flint, the stone known to help spark fires, while his last name is Latin for dazzling brightness.


Flynt Fulgor is the sole child of the Fulgor family, a family of gryphons where the firstborn of each generation possesses the power of pyromancy. It is stated that this power arose from when Flynt's five times great grandfather fell in love with a phoenix. Flynt is a technical powerhouse who rose to popularity at HorrorVale High through his participation as a member of both the volleyball team and wrestling team.


Flynt is an optional playable character. He is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Flynt joins the team.


An upright gryphon with phoenix coloring wearing the HorrorVale Jock Jersey.


Mostly unknown but his designer said he'd likely have a high defense with fire attacks and PC resurrection. Basically, a paladin. According to the developer, Flynt will be able to self-revive once per battle.


  • Flynt is the eighth Patron-made playable character.
  • On his announcement post, Dustin misspelled his name as Flynn. This led to significant confusion for a short while before the issue was cleared up. This mistake is also apparent in his official art, which is labeled as "flynnart.png".
  • Dustin admits he had lots of trouble drawing Flynt's legs right.
  • According to Flynt's creator, "He likes ghost peppers, ice cream, drawing, creating fire amalgamations and little reels, and most importantly, he likes to see new things." Furthermore, "Flynt is a walking talking reference. Like very 90s and likes old mob films and action flicks. His favorite shows are The Zombrainos and Shiba, the princess warrior."
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