Frankenlings are the name for a species in HorrorVale of creatures who are assembled from various body parts.



When most undead take too much damage, their bodies crumble into ash. Occasionally however, these bodies will remain intact while the undead respawn with new bodies.

Whereas most people with normal sized brains would simply leave these bodies be or, if they're the type of people with nothing but free time on their hands, give them a burial. Individuals with 200 level IQ however have the power to assemble entirely new beings using parts from these corpses. While the exact name varies depending on the method used to create them, Frankenlings refer to those created by Mayor Fart n' hide, and are easily recognizable for their distinct green hue. Due to the process used to recreate them involving exorbitant amounts of electricity, Their existence causes most taxpayers in the city to find their electricity bills increasing threefold...oh and I guess that would also make them Electric/Lightning element characters.

Known Characters

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