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"Ah, hello there young lady. Would you hear my plight?"

Geoffrey is a character in HorrorVale. He is a Frankenling who has been disassembled by Finkleheim, leaving only his spirit trapped in a jar.

Encounter (Warning: Spoilers)

When the player reaches the lab, they will find the path to the elevator blocked off by another electric gate. In order to proceed, the player must acquire body parts found by completing puzzles throughout the lab to construct Geoffrey a new body. In total, the player requires:

Head - Obtained from defeating GW3N Model I.

Left Arm - Obtained by concocting Spectralodium D and defeating the Super Stubborn Ghost

Right Arm - Obtained from a chest behind the electrical gate puzzle.

Torso - Obtained from a chest by solving the eight chest puzzle and defeating the Guard Dog.

Legs - Obtained by defeating the Galavanting Ghost.

After obtaining all five parts, the player will return to Geoffrey, who in turn will deactivate the electric gate allowing the player to reach the second floor.