Ghosts are a common species found in HorrorVale. This is the land of the dead after all.



In HorrorVale, Ghosts come in many shapes and sizes. Some are translucent, others are opaque. Most ghosts however usually possess bodies composed of ectoplasm, which allows them to pass through solid objects compared to other types of undead. It should also be an obvious no-brainer that the ghosts with bodies of ectoplasm happen to be ecto element.

All ghosts (more specifically, anything that is an ecto-element) can be damaged with purifying salt or Spectralodium D. In battle, purifying salt will deal 500 to an ecto-element enemy (100 to all other element types) while Spectralodium D will deal a whopping 5000 (1000 to all other element types).


Bedsheet Ghosts


An incredibly common species, and arguably the mascot species for HorrorVale. Bedsheet ghosts resemble the common Halloween costume of people who forgot it was Halloween and had to make do at the last minute by covering themselves with a bedsheet and calling it a ghost costume.



A subspecies easily recognizable for their tendency to possess objects. The enemies encountered in Skeleton Manor during Act 0 such as the Books, Chairs, and Possessed Lamp are all Poltergeists.

While possessing an object, a poltergeist loses many of their ghostly abilities (such as being able to walk through walls), however they gain control of the object they are possessing and are able to manipulate it at will. If a poltergeist is defeated, they and the item they were possessing will both respawn.

Stubborn Ghosts

A subspecies with a distinct green hue. Most Stubborn Ghosts are unique in that they are frequently Red Name Enemies so cannot be defeated by normal means in battle, instead relying on the player to exterminate them with items to progress as most Stubborn Ghosts "conveniently" find themselves blocking your path.

Known Characters

Standard Ghosts

Bedsheet Ghosts


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