Grave Hands is a Red Name Enemy, and serves as the endboss of HorrorVale Heights that the player must defeat before reaching the HorrorVale Lab.



While climbing HV Heights, the player will encounter holes in the mountain with arms that reach out of them. Being hit will cause the player to take some damage. After progressing past Hodgepodge Hideaway, the player will begin climbing further up the mountain, only to find long arms reaching out of the ground and quickly approaching them. After reaching the edge of the cliff, Grave Hands will emerge and engage the player in battle. To be defeated SPOILER: MOUSE OVER TO VIEW


  • Due to the majority of players missing the hints to defeating Gravey in the form of the bedsheet ghost who precedes the Lightning Spirit's, and the sign on the cliff, Gravey has a reputation for causing most players to end up getting a game over at least once.
  • Grave Hands is a nod to Dead Hand, the miniboss of the Shadow Temple from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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