Grave Punkster is an enemy in HorrorVale. He is a rogue skeleton armed with a spray can and his own tombstone as a shield.


Grave Punkster is a play on the words "Grave Robber", and "Punkster".


Currently unknown.


Grave Punkster is a green skeleton with an open shirt that is torn near the bottom, and blue shorts that are also torn. His hair is composed of thorny vines, with a rose as a hair accessory. He wears a blue bandana and wears a nose ring in his skull. He wields a can of spray paint as a weapon and uses his own tombstone that he has spray painted a skull onto as a shield


  • Grave Punkster was designed by the creator of Philip & Bucky.
  • Grave Punkster was originally entered for the first Make Your Monster Competition, and later reappeared as a contestant in the Make Your Monster Tournament where he finished as a semifinalist. While he did not win either, he was later sponsored through Patreon to appear as an enemy.
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