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Gwen is a character in HorrorVale. She is a playable party member and a robot. She is a successor to the GW3N Model I.


Gwen is a name.


Currently unknown


Gwen is an optional playable character. She is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Gwen joins the team.


Gwen is a gynoid, or female-shaped robot, easily identified by the metal and bolt lines that cover her body. On top of that, she has a pair of in-curved side horns, a devil's spade tail, a left arm that can be launched like a rocket, a right arm that can become a blaster, and jet boosters in her feet.

In her original concept art and official artwork, Gwen's hair is depicted as being made of metal. Most fan interpretations of the character depict her with natural hair however. As the developers thought natural hair looked better, her official artwork was modified slightly to reflect this.


Gwen's primary gimmick will be the ability to equip different equipment pieces to change her abilities and stats, essentially allowing the player to make Gwen an offensive unit or a support unit.


  • Gwen is the tenth and final Patron-made Playable character.
  • Gwen's designer wasn't able to pay for her due to life struggles, but after being shown to the Discord community they fell in love and a number of fellow fans were willing to chip in and raise the money for her. This event was christened GWEN-MAGEDDON!