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HorrorVale is an RPG Maker currently under development by BatWorks Software, The game was officially announced on August 30th, 2018 and a demo was made available on Sept 15.

Development History

Development for HorrorVale began sometime in 2016. It would be two years until the game would be announced on August 30th, 2018, with a demo being released shortly afterwards on Sept 15th. This build of the game is often referred to as "Demo 1", and consisted of Act 0 and half of Act 1, where the Player would be required to obtain four keys in Skeleton Mansion and then would need to deactivate four generators scattered around HorrorVale.

Another build of the game, initially referred to as "Demo 2" but now formally known as "Act 1" was released on June 23rd. The Act 1 Demo includes the contents of the previous demo, along with the remainder of Act 1 allowing players to explore the HorrorVale Heights, and HorrorVale Lab locations.

Initially planned to release on October 16th, The October Patch was released early on September 19th, 2019 instead. This patch fixed some minor bugs, tweaked the difficulty of some enemies to add more challenge to the game after player feedback, and introduced a Secret Boss who can be encountered after completing the core content of Act 1.


HorrorVale's plot revolves around a Skeleton Witch named Alice. After her undog, Scruffy, is kidnapped by a race of monsters called Creepies, she embarks on a quest to rescue her pet. The game is divided into five main acts, each of which serves as a small disconnected story that Alice must complete to progress further in her quest.

Act 0

The tutorial act, taking place in Alice's house. As her father has locked the doors to Skeleton Manor, Alice must find four keys to head out the door.

Act 1

After leaving Skeleton Manor, Scruffy runs off, only to be kidnapped by a Strange Creepy that escapes over the gate. As the gates to HorrorVale have been closed, Alice has to travel to Mayor Finkleheim's Lab to convince him to let her through.

Act 2

Having left town, Alice must continue her quest through the Withering Woods...

Act 3


Act 4



HorrorVale features a large cast of characters, many of which are recruitable by Alice on her quest.

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Reception towards the Act 1 demo released for free has been largely positive by players.