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HorrorVale is the spooky RPG where everyone is dead! We're the spooky guidebook where every article has been enchanted to provide you with all of the information to help you enjoy your stay here in our little town. After all, it's not like you've got anything better to do while you're dead!

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Recent News
  • BatWorks Software officially unveils the third member of the Cryptid Crew, the Flatwoods Monster.
  • After only 7 months since its inception, the HorrorVale Wiki has reached another milestone with 200 pages!
  • Youtube Channel 2 Left Thumbs releases an amazing 40 minute long video detailing Easter Eggs and Secrets in HorrorVale Act 1. Watch it here:
    HORRORVALE - Act 1 - Easter Eggs, Secrets, & References Two Left Thumbs

    HORRORVALE - Act 1 - Easter Eggs, Secrets, & References Two Left Thumbs

  • HorrorVale Halloween trailer drops, revealing 2 new party members: Raven and Juno!
  • Make Your Monster: Diamond Edition finally concludes after a week of voting. El Carne Rojo wins Popular Vote, Millie wins Dev Pick 1, and Eva Ghost wins Dev pick 2 to become the last official party members for the official game! But wait, it's not over, for our other three finalists: Marcus Hackney, Buster Experavit, and Lee will still be included as official characters in HorrorVale as either Enemies or NPC's!
  • All five Honorable Mentions for the Make Your Monster: Diamond Candy Edition contest have been revealed. Say hello and welcome to the five new residents of HorrorVale: Slash-Man, Mr. Y, Madeline, Sadie Bainbridge, and Philip & Bucky.
  • Wiki background art & official HorrorVale poster art by Poppy (Pop_lys)!


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