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Horror Chimera is an enemy in HorrorVale. They can be encountered in the caves next to Hodgepodge Hideaway.



Horror Chimera is a combination of a Mer-person's head, a Vampire's head, a Werewolf's body, and a Mummy's lower half. In battle, the Horror Chimera is able to use abilities inspired by these enemies, with heavy damage dealing swipes, Death Point stealing abilities, and a bind ability identical to the one Wraps uses.


  • The Horror Chimera drops a purifying salt upon defeat. As this enemy is not a mandatory encounter, it is entirely possible to wait until after the player has unlocked the HorrorVale Elevator shortcut to fight it. Doing this allows the player to keep the purifying salt instead of being required to use it in concocting the Spectralodium D upon reaching the lab.