Insectoids, also referred to simply as insects, are an uncommon species found in HorrorVale.



You know all the creepy crawly insects you hate and like to smash under your boot? Well first off how dare you, they're trying to do you a favor by eating up all of those small annoying pest insects like flies or gnats, and second Insects in HV are like those except people sized! Sorry, that flyswatter ain't gonna help you this time. Like their tiny real world counterparts, most Insects have hard exoskeletons covering their bodies. Additionally, some Insects have compound eyes or in the case of spider folk, multiple sets of eyes, it's largely up to what subspecies they're based off of. Most Insect characters tend to be Nature Element, however it is possible for them to be of a different element such as Blood.



Arachnids are comprised of Spider folk and Scorpion folk.


Unlike other species, Moth folk are unique in that they have their own theme song-well the men atleast.

Known Characters

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