Jack is a playable character in HorrorVale, He is a notorious gangster operating in the town of HorrorVale.


Jack is named after Jack-O'-lanterns.


Currently unknown


Jack is an optional playable character. He is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Jack joins the team.


Jack has a carved pumpkin as a head styled like most Halloween Jack-O'-lanterns wearing a purple twin-tail jacket with yellow insides, a green dress vest, and purple striped pants, much resembling the Joker of Batman fame.


Jack is classified as a Gangster. Due to Jack's usage of candy as ammunition, the player is required to spend small amounts of candy to perform Jack's basic attack as well as some of his fear abilities. This is more than made up by the tremendous damage Jack's abilities are able to do however.


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