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Jiang is a jiangshi and a merchant who sells the player items in exchange for candy found throughout the world and earned from battles. She can be found in a tent in the HorrorVale Central Square to the top left, and later can be found in HorrorVale Heights.


Jiang is named after a jiangshi, an undead corpse referred to as a hopping vampire that appears in Chinese mythology.


Jiang is a chronologically 243 year old jiangshi who appears 25 physically.

Nothing is currently known about Jiang's history in the current build of the game.


Jiang sports a typical jiangshi's design, composed of purple clothes reminiscent of feudal Chinese garments. She wears a purple pigtail hat with a gold brim and covering half of her face is a paper talisman with three characters inscribed upon the surface. The first resembles a pumpkin, the second resembles a wrapped piece of candy, and the third is reminiscent of a bedsheet ghost.


  • Jiang will have different dialogue upon meeting her at HorrorVale Heights if the player did not enter her tent in the Central Square.
  • Jiang's last name is "Shi", according to BatWorks Software.