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Jiang is a Secret Boss that was added into the Halloween Patch for HorrorVale, Jiang can be encountered and fought after completing Act 1.


After the player meets with The Mayor, they are able to access the secret content. If the player ventures to a certain location after finding the secret area, the player is able to initiate a secret boss fight.



Jiang will do a normal Blood-based attack to a single enemy. (Very Uncommon)


Jiang will sell an enemy a random piece of junk. Has a 75% chance of causing Confusion (Common)


Jiang will flail her body around to hit multiple enemies with a Flesh-based attack. (Very Common)


Jiang will lick an enemy, lowering their Attack, Defense, Fear Attack, and Fear Defense. (Uncommon)


Jiang will bounce up and down, sending a shockwave to three random enemies to do Lightning-based damage. Has a 30% chance of causing Paralysis. (Uncommon)


Jiang will start to inflict Curse on enemies with a 75% infliction rate. After losing at least 50% of her health, Jiang will no longer perform this move. (Common)


Jiang will lash out with her claws, doing devastating Blood-based damage to an enemy. After losing at least 60% of her health, Jiang will no longer perform this move. (Very Common)

Candy Crush

After losing at least 30% of her health, Jiang will begin creating a sugary Tornado that inflicts Sugar-based damage to 2 Random enemies. Has a 60% chance of tripping them. (Very Common)


After losing at least 55% of her health, Jiang will massively drain an enemy's DP, recovering her own and inflicting Blood-based damage. (Very Common)


Jiang employs a mix of attacks that allow her to hit multiple members of the party and deal tremendous damage. Keeping your party members alive will be main factor into whether or not the player can defeat the her, as she becomes more punishing the riskier the player decides to go.

Jiang has a large number of abilities and is able to do Blood, Flesh, Sugar, and Lightning damage. Having Wraps is essential due to her ability to inflict Curse.