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Jiangshi are a species found in HorrorVale.


Jiangshi are a species of creature from the continent of Yomi. In folklore, Jiangshi are Chinese hopping vampires who are resurrected from the corpses of individuals who lived in a previous dynasty. For this reason Jiangshi's are typically depicted wearing historically traditional Chinese clothing. A paper talisman is often affixed to a Jiangshi's forehead.

Known Characters


  • It is believed the origin of the Jiangshi creature arose from corpses that were transported on the backs of people at night centuries ago. Between the onset of rigor mortis, and the up and down motions of the people who carried the corpses it is presumed that people who saw the corpse would mistakenly believe that the corpse had sprung to life and was hopping up and down.
  • It is often stated in folklore that a Jiangshi's touch is instantaneously fatal. Whether or not this applies to Jiangshi's in HorrorVale has yet to be decided.