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Kris is a character in HorrorVale, she is a normal everyday ghoul accompanied by the spirit of an ancient warrior.


Kris's name is a synonym for the term saber, a specific type of sword.

Tannherjar's name is a portmanteau of the name of the Patron who sponsored the character, Tanner, and einherjar, the term used for individuals who passed on in Norse mythology and have entered Valhalla.


Tannherjar is an ancient Lich warrior who was trapped in his sword long ago. Kris, a young introvert with a lust for adventure found Tannherjar's sword at a yard sale, and he is able to use her body to channel his mighty power.


Kris and Tannherjar are an optional playable character duo. They are first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before the two of them join the team.



Kris is freckled, short-haired ghoul wearing a long dark red battle robe cover in bits of bronze armor with the breastplate notably resembling a Jack-O'-lantern.


Tannherjar is a spectral skull covered in green flame and wearing a black flat cap. The line on his nose combined with his eye sockets create a design similar to glasses. His soul is connected to a broadsword with two green gems embedded in the blade and a guard that resembles a horned Jack-O'-lantern.


Kris is a Varied character that can do moderate damage as well as support her allies. As she performs actions, her Fighting Spirit will rise until Tahnnerjar takes control of her body, supercharging all of her moves for a short period.


  • Kris and Tannherjar are the sixth Patron-made playable character. Kris and Tannherjar were made by YouTuber TannerOfTheNorth.
  • Tannherjar is wearing a flat cap, based on the types of hats worn by the Patron and used in his YouTube videos.
  • Kris and Tannherjar's relationship is based on Geo Stelar and Omega Xis's relationship in the Mega Man Star Force series. They also similarly combine to increase their power.
  • Kris's design is largely inspired by Saber from the Fate/Stay Night series.
  • According to Dustin, Tannherjar was once a normal lich, but was cursed by a witch to become a ghost of his former self and inhabit a sword forever after infuriating her.