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Mothman is a character in HorrorVale. He is an archer and a rival to Webs.


Named after the Cryptid reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia.


Unknown, but apparently has a rivalry with Webs and is the leader of the Cryptid Crew.


Mothman has gone through several designs over the course of development. Initially, his design was more identical to the classic silhouette of the Mothman, however this version was scrapped and replaced by the more humanoid version complete with a head.

The modern iteration of Mothman is a humanoid moth with wings for arms and who uses his feet to hold and reload his crossbow. He wears a long red hood with a green tank top with clay-colored pants.

The version of Mothman originally revealed by Batworks (featured in the gallery section) has a softer head and more childlike eyes. This version had originally been intended to be a rival for Alice.

Mothman's current design is quite similar, however it features some substantial changes. This version has a larger mane/chest hair that circles his entire head. In addition, his hood was elongated and the fur on his head was made a bit longer and rougher. His eyes are also noticeably more wide to give him a more mature appearance. This "rougher" version of Mothman was designed due to his role as a rival to Webs rather than Alice in the final game.


Currently unknown.


  • BatWorks Software has stated that originally Mothman would have been childhood friends with Alice, however, this concept was later scrapped.
  • A reoccuring joke by the community involves the insinuation that Mothman is a recruitable party member when he is in fact solely an NPC. This oftentimes takes the form of mentioning him as being the best party member. This is due to Mothman being one of the few NPC characters to have full artwork, which has resulted in some people mistakenly believing he is a recruitable party member.