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Ms. Die is a character in HorrorVale. She is a mini-boss who's location and role in the game are otherwise unknown.


Ms. is a title used for referring to women without any relation to their marital status. Die is a word meaning to stop living.

Meaning that Ms. Die is a woman who may or may not be married, but is definitely not alive.

Her name pre-mutation is Dia, a prefix with no clear meaning from several Greek loanwords. Die is a word with a meaning that was already explained above.


Ms. Die was an ordinary Raccoon Beastkin, who was at some point infected by a Scary in the form of a virus.



Miniboss. Gameplay unknown.


  • Ms. Die was awarded the singular Dev Pick win in the Make Your Monster Contest: Ruby Edition and was designed by Lee's creator.
  • Ms. Die is a reference to both Mr. X and Nemesis. Two major enemies in the Resident Evil series. Her Spooky form being a Raccoon is a reference to Raccoon City, the setting of several Resident Evil games, and notable for being the site of a massive zombie virus outbreak.