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Netherlings are a species of creatures in HorrorVale. They are soulless creatures born from fear whose bodies are composed of candy.



'Creatures from the Nether'.


Netherlings are creatures whose bodies are composed entirely of candy. They are born from and attracted to negative emotions from residents of the underworld. While they are supposed to be generally rare and low in numbers, the upset caused by the Creepies has resulted in a surge of Netherlings forming. A common subspecies of Netherlings is the Netherimp, who traditionally appear in four distinct colors: Orange, Purple, Red, and Silver, although they are not limited to these four colors and Netherlings appear in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

As they are soulless, a Netherling that is defeated and whose body falls apart will not respawn. What this means is that every Netherling you killed during your playthrough of Act 1 is permanently dead, go sit in the corner and think about all of the Netherlings you've murdered and ask yourself if their deaths was worth saving Scruffy.

Notable Netherlings

A list of the Netherlings you've encountered throughout the game and most likely have killed, you monster.

Purple Netherling

The first Netherling the player encounters in HorrorVale, encountered and fought as part of the tutorial focused Act 0.

Karloff Park Netherlings

Three orange Netherlings who appear in Karloff Park to steal the fence key that is required to shut down one of the five generators. Regardless of which order the player decides to fight them, the third Netherling the player fights will always be the one to have the key.


A Netherling Miniboss to be encountered somewhere during the game.