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Nyabeth is a character in HorrorVale, he is an undead cat with a love for the theatre.


A mix of 'Nya' the Japanese Onomatopoeia of a cat's meow, and Macbeth, the character of a Shakespeare play of the same name.


Born in a small town in Scotland in 1949, Nyabeth was picked up by a young man when he was just a small kitten. For next couple of years of his life!

Nyabeth watched the young man work in his basement with all sorts of magic, voodo, and brewing magical potions until one night after the young man was finished making a potion that will give one unimaginable strength, A very thick book fell on to Nyabeth and killed him! The young man had grown quite attached the the cat, He didn't want to see him go out like that. The only spell he had that could bring the dead back to the living was a blood spell! After drawing the symbols and placing the items, the young man slitted his wrist to spill the blood on to the corpse but little did he know, the strength potion was spilled on to Nyabeth causing it combust into a bright and small explosion!

The resurrection failed miserably and the young man's home blew into flames! Meanwhile Nyabeth woke up in the Underworld. He walked around feeling hungry and tired until he gets help from an old lady who feeds him and told that he will slowly decay if he doesn't keep up with his body's needs. To help him out, she made a magical cloak that would keep his buff body fresh in exchange to the smaller body unless he takes the cloak off.

After that he goes wandering and watching many plays that where often delayed or canceled until he settles in the heart of HorrorVale near a fishshop.


A black cat with cartoonish white line for features, including 'X's for eyes, wearing a billowing purple cloak with a fish-bone tie.


Nyabeth is aimlessly wandering Karloff Park. When interacted with his meows are translated for the player asking for directions to the theater, but is implied Alice has no idea what he says. Friendly NPC.


  • Nyabeth was given a creator's choice win by Dustin in the second Make Your Monster Art Contest.
  • Nyabeth often brings terrible bad luck when he enters theatres of any kind. Sometimes it would burn down the place or causes the place to shut down due to important staff falling ill or getting hurt that would delay or cancel the event. Apparently Nyabeth doesn't know about the second drawback.
  • Nyabeth loves reading literature like Shakespeare but often has trouble reading the books because he has cat paws.
  • Nyabeth hides a muscular body under the cloak that grants him strength and cool looking muscles. Unfortunately he needs to eat more to keep the body or the body will decay.