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Pink Fiend is a red name enemy found in the Forgotten Mansion in Horrorvale Act 1.


Pink: of a color intermediate between red and white

Fiend: an evil spirit or demon


The Pink Fiend has a pinkish, purple body with long thin limbs. Its head is disproportionately larger than the body, featuring large black eyes, a large nose, and pointed ears. It is always smiling and has clay-like skin.

The Pink Fiend does not wear clothes.

Pink Fiend's overworld sprite


Pink Fiend will spawn when entering the hallway on the Second and Third floor of the Forgotten Mansion and will then run directly towards the party. Pink Fiend spawns in set locations depending on which door the player entered the main hallway from, this often means taking the most direct route to the key rooms throughout the manor will result in Pink Fiend cutting your path off. The key is to enter and exit several of the rooms to have him spawn behind the player's intended route.


Pink Fiend is a red name enemy, and thus cannot be defeated in combat by normal means. Currently, there is no way to defeat Pink Fiend, and he is the only red name enemy who cannot be defeated at all in Act 1. If the player is caught by Pink Fiend, the only thing you can do is run.


  • Pink Fiend is based on The Oni, the primary antagonist of another RPG Maker game, Ao Oni. They share similar designs and appear in similar locations. Much like the original game, the player only has the option to run from it.