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"Greetings, welcome ladies, gentlemen, and everything else, to the carnival of lost souls. I am your ringmaster, Poe. Today we have a tale to tell. A most frightening tale, the likes of which has never been told before. A tale about a young girl named Alice, her dog, and an adventure beyond your wildest imagination..." – Poe during the intro cutscene.

Poe is the ringmaster for the Carnival of Lost Souls and the narrator of HorrorVale's intro.


Poe appears as a strange puppet in an orange poncho with black tips. He wears orange pants and black boots. He wears a orange large pointed wide brimmed hat with black points around the brim and tip. He has two white gloves that are not connected to his body. His face is composed of two distinct designs split down the middle: the left appears as a typical jack-o-lantern face with a triangular shaped eye while the other is entirely black with white teeth and a round white eye.


  • During very early builds of the HorrorVale Demo, Poe could be found at the Church of Death, asking them if they're enjoying themselves and informing players to follow the Official HorrorVale Twitter. In later builds of the first demo, Poe would be encountered after the player deactivated four generators and attempted to enter the Heights.