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Raven is a playable character in HorrorVale, she is the older sister of Alice who was announced during the Creepy Chaos (Formerly "HorrorVale Halloween") Trailer released by BatWorks Software on 10/21/2019.


Named after the species of bird on account of her design resembling a plague doctor.




Raven is an optional playable character. She is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Raven joins the team.


Similar to Alice, Raven’s head is a rounded green skull with three protrusions from the bottom made to resemble teeth. Three black marks resembling eyelashes are featured on either side of her eye sockets. Her hands are visible and feature four digits on each hand, a thumb, index, middle/ring, and a pinky finger. Unlike her sister, Raven’s attire is primarily based around a more sci-fi/steampunk inspired plague doctor. In addition to the black robes and plague doctor hat, Raven sports a backpack filled with various plagues that she sprays with her primary weapon. Her mask is white with two black stripes running down the sides.


A healer who uses plagues to heal her allies.


  • During the Make Your Monster: Diamond Edition Contest, BatWorks featured a green recolor of Alice named Raven as an example for the difference between a good submission and a bad submission. This was in fact a nod to the character who would be revealed later in the month through the trailer.
  • In Skeleton Manor there is a guest bedroom located on the upper floor at the end of the right hallway. The text for this room was changed in the October Patch BatWorks released for Act 1 which switches the text from being a guest room to mentioning “Alice’s sister who moved out”. This was another nod to the character who would be revealed later, but this secret was not discovered by players until the day before the release of the trailer featuring Raven.