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"Your feeble "salt" will do NOTHING to me!"

Red Name Enemies are a special type of enemy the player can encounter during HorrorVale. Unlike normal enemies, Red Name Enemies cannot be defeated by normal means in combat.


Traditionally, enemies in HorrorVale are defeated when their Death Points drops to zero, however enemies that possess red text in their names cannot be defeated through repeated attacks. Instead, these enemies serve as mini-puzzles that may require a certain item or simply avoiding them altogether.

List of Red Name Enemies

Stubborn Ghost

Stubborn Ghost.png

The first Red Name Enemy the player encounters is the Stubborn Ghost found in the broom closet of Skeleton Manor (Act 0). The Stubborn Ghost serves as a tutorial for this game mechanic by blocking access to one of the four keys required to complete Act 0. The Stubborn Ghost will not attack the player and the player can freely escape from the battle. To be defeated, the player must obtain Purifying Salt from the kitchen and use it on him.

Pink Fiend


Pink Fiend is the second Red Name Enemy that the player can encounter. Pink Fiend can be found in the Forgotten Mansion on the second and third floor where it will patrol randomly, however it will chase the player if it notices them. Unlike other Red Name Enemies, Pink Fiend cannot be defeated except through hacking. If the player is caught by Pink Fiend they will need to escape the battle.

Grave Hands


Grave Hands is the third Red Name Enemy the player will encounter and serves as the endboss of HorrorVale Heights. While climbing HV Heights, the player will encounter holes with arms that reach out of them. Being hit will cause the player to take some damage. After progressing past Hodgepodge Hideaway, the player will begin climbing further up the mountain, only to find long arms reaching out of the ground and quickly approaching them. After reaching the edge of the cliff, Grave Hands will emerge and engage the player in battle. To be defeated, the player must instead target the cliff below him and destroy it.

Super Stubborn Ghost


Super Stubborn Ghost is the fourth and final Red Name Enemy encountered in Act 1. He is a stronger variant of the Stubborn Ghost from before, which means the player will need more than just salt to defeat him. To be defeated, the player must obtain four potion ingredients found in the nearby cabinets, and then use those on the table in the same room as the Super Stubborn Ghost to create Spectralodium D, which will kill him instantly.