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Rosette is a character in HorrorVale. She is a recruitable party member and a Fortune Teller.


Rosette's name originated from the term "basal rosette", which is a circular grouping of leaves found at the base of some plants. These leaves help to protect the roots of the plant, keeping it grounded and ensuring the plant's survival during harsh conditions.

Aptly named, everything Rosette does is grounded in nature and ensuring the balance of forces in the universe, while also focusing on her own self-preservation.


Rosette is a nomadic fortune telling goat that travels the Underworld in her caravan offering her fortune telling services. Her devotion to her spiritual prowess has lead her to have the utmost faith in the whims of fate.


Rosette is an optional playable character. She is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Rosette joins the team.


Rosette is purple furred goat wearing large swirly bottle glasses, a purple robe with gold trimmings, and a scarf with star and moon symbols embroidered upon it.


Rosette is a support unit who can buff and heal allies and debuff opponents.