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Sam Cavestory is a character in HorrorVale. He can be found in a cave against the wall at Lugosi Lane.

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Upon entering Sam's cave the player will find a skeleton with a blue jacket with their back to the player. Upon getting closer, dialogue boxes will appear alluding to Sam being another character from another game. Upon interacting with the character, Sam will turn around and will simply state "It's me, Sam Cavestory".


  • Sam Cavestory's entire encounter is a gag referencing Sans from Undertale. This is due to the number of comparisons that were made during the early days of HorrorVale's announcement between HorrorVale and Undertale.
  • In addition to being a reference to Cave Story, the game by Daisuke Amaya (Pixel), Sam's last name is also a play on the words behind Undertale in that both refer to below ground areas and both refer to a story.