Saturday Night Reaper is a character in HorrorVale. He is a skeleton with a large brown afro and a pink suit ready to boogie the night away on the Disco Floor.


His name is composed of the words "Saturday", "Night", and "Reaper", giving the impression that on his days off the Reaper prefers to go to the club.


Currently Unknown. Probably involves dancing.


Saturday Night Reaper, or SNR, is a tall skeleton with a large brown afro and huge shades that obscure his eyes. He wears a white shirt with a pink coat on top of it with blue pants. Noticeably, unlike many skeletons, SNR has a lower jaw with sharp teeth.


  • SNR was the runner up in the Make Your Monster Tournament. Although he did not win, he was sponsored through Patreon to appear as an NPC. SNR was designed by Sharcy.


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