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Scruffy is a character in HorrorVale, he is Alice's canine companion and whom the central plot of HorrorVale revolves around.


"Scruffy" is a term that refers to either something that untidy.


Twelve years prior to the start of HorrorVale, Scruffy was adopted by Alice and her family.

After the events of Act 0, as Alice leaves for school, Scruffy runs off. Chasing after him, Alice encounters a strange creature that attacks the duo. After the creature is defeated, it kidnaps Scruffy, taking him far away from the town in the literal blink of an eye. Alice attempts to chase after it, only to find the gate leading out of town closed by order of the Mayor due to a recent increase in creatures referred to as "Creepies" attacking the town. The officer informs Alice that if she wants to leave town, she'll will have to trek all the way up HorrorVale Heights to reach the Mayor's Lab and talk with him directly.


Scruffy can be recruited during Act 0 by speaking to him at the bottom of the stairs of Skeleton Manor. Once he is kidnapped however, Scruffy will be forcibly removed from the player's party if recruited.


Scruffy is a beagle mix dog with green fur, a full white right eye and a left eye with a black sclera and a white pupil. His front left leg is missing its flesh, leaving only bone visible.


Scruffy is arguably the most powerful party member available to recruit. This is due to him serving as an introduction to the party mechanic during the tutorial section of the game. In battle, Scruffy has three fear abilities available in Act 0.


Inflicts an enemy with paralysis.


Increases an ally's attack stat (Can be used on self).


Cures the status effects of one ally.

Additionally, while Scruffy is in the party, Alice gains an ability called "Pet the Dog".

Pet the Dog

Decreases the attack stat on an enemy. This ability is no longer available after Act 0.


  • As seen in older concept art, Scruffy has been shown to play fetch using his front left leg as the stick.