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Side Quests are optional missions the player can carry out in HorrorVale. Completing side quests will reward the player with party members or other possible items.

Party Member Side Quests

In order to recruit party members, the player must first accomplish a quest specific to each party member. Currently, with Demo 1 there are 2 party member side quests available.


Jekyll is the first party member the player can recruit after Scruffy, Jekyll's quest involves retrieving his GameDude Horror that was stolen by Chad. To accomplish this, the player needs to ask NPC's to locate someone who is familiar with Chad's hangout, after finding the specific NPC and paying a set sum of candy, the player is then given a key to access Chad's hangout. Upon retrieving the GameDude Horror and leaving, the player can then return to Jekyll to complete the quest and recruit Jekyll.


Wraps is the second party member the player can recruit after Scruffy, Wrap's quest involves helping her find her missing Crook (color-guard cane). The crook can be found by interacting with an oddly colored gravestone to the left of the Church of the Dead. After returning the crook, the player will be able to recruit Wraps.

NPC Side Quests

Some NPC's around HorrorVale will provide the player with side quests. Currently only side quests available in the Act 1 Build are listed here.


Antoninette is an NPC who can be found living in a house at the base of HorrorVale Heights. She tells the player her ten puppets have run away and needs help finding all ten scattered throughout HorrorVale. She states that the quest can only be completed in the full game as only one puppet is currently available.

Secret Boss Side Quests

Throughout the game there will be several secret bosses the player can encounter and fight after meeting specific conditions. Currently only secret bosses available in the Act 1 build are listed here.

October Patch Secret Boss

This Secret Boss was included in the October Patch Update for Act 1 and can be fought after completing Act 1 by defeating the Act 1 Boss. To encounter this boss, the player must find a secret shed completely unrelated to the one encountered in Jekyll's Sidequest located somewhere in the town of HorrorVale. Within this shed is an item the player can acquire to then fight the secret boss included with Act 1. Be warned, as the difficulty of this secret boss will require the player to have recruited both Jekyll and Wraps before fighting it and be well equipped with bottles of Flu. What? You thought we were going to give you details of where the shed is or who this secret boss is because we're a wiki? Well it wouldn't be a Secret Boss now would it then?