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Skeleton Manor is a location in HorrorVale, it is the home of Alice and serves as the game's tutorial and opening Act (Act 0).



Skeleton Manor is composed of two levels. The player begins the game in Alice's room on the second floor in the left hallway.



  • Franky
  • Louie
  • Anthony
  • Simon
  • Mario
  • Alan
  • Pink Pot
  • Blue Pot
  • Venus Fly Trap
  • Karen
  • Jim
  • Gertrude
  • Broom 1
  • Broom 2
  • Animated Broom


After waking up, Alice finds that her father has locked the door to Skeleton Manor and has hidden the four keys required to open the door throughout the mansion. The four keys are:

1) Garage located to the left of the 1st-floor foyer. To retrieve the key inside her father's hearse, Alice needs to first retrieve the car keys located to the left of Skeleton Manor's front door in the foyer.

2) Guest room located in the first door of the 2nd-floor hallway to the right of the foyer. The player is required to open four chests in a particular order to obtain the key.

3) The Study located to the right of the 1st-floor foyer. The key is hidden in one of the bookshelves on the back wall on the right side of the bookcase.

4) In the broom closet to the leftmost side of the back hallway on the first floor. This key is being guarded by a red name enemy, to defeat them the player must retrieve the salt located in the kitchen two rooms to the right. Note: If the player uses the salt on a different enemy, the salt will respawn back in the kitchen.

After obtaining all four keys and heading to the front door, the player engages in a boss battle against the possessed lamp. Due to the possessed lamp's ability to 2-HKO Alice, it is required that Scruffy joins as a party member. Upon defeat, the player is allowed to leave and moves on to Act 1.