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Slash-Man is a character in HorrorVale. He is a Tokustatsu inspired superhero.


Slash-Man's name is an nod to typical superhero names: Incorporating his primary trait (being based upon a slasher-flick antagonist) combined with the word "Man".


Currently Unknown.


Slash-Man's mask features two crescent moon shaped eye holes, six holes for breathing, and a stitched pattern on the top. The mask is inspired by hockey masks worn by some slasher-flick antagonists. His uniform is an orange/golden jumpsuit with a black collar and black accents on the shoulders. His gloves are white, with the hands being red. His boots are unknown, however it is assumed they are similar to the gloves in being initially white before transitioning to red. On his uniform's chest is a skull.


  • Slash-Man was a submission for the Make Your Monster: Diamond Candy Edition contest to be a Party Member. While he was not chosen as a finalist, he was chosen as an Honorable Mention and given a role as an NPC.
  • Slash-Man originally featured the numbers "1619" on his uniform instead of a skull. These numbers were a nod to the date Nitro Rad's video on HorrorVale was uploaded to Youtube, however this was replaced by a skull due to the number "1619" also being associated to the introduction of slavery to the New World.