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Super Stubborn Ghost is the fourth and final Red Name Enemy encountered in Act 1. He is a stronger variant of the Stubborn Ghost from before, which means the player will need more than just salt to defeat him. To be defeated the player must obtain four potion ingredients found in the nearby cabinets, and then use those on the table in the same room as the Super Stubborn Ghost to create Spectralodium D, which will kill him instantly.


  • During the development of Act 1, BatWorks asked members of their Discord community for suggestions regarding puzzle ideas for the first floor of the HorrorVale Lab. Super Stubborn Ghost was one of these community suggested puzzles. Super Stubborn Ghost was suggested by bobaloochi, eLixa, and Axhell as a super power enemy who you would exploit their one weakness to destroy, leaving their arm behind for the player to acquire.