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Mayor Finkleheim is the mayor of HorrorVale.


Mayor: the highest-ranking official in a municipal government such as that of a city or a town. ,

Finkleheim: a portmanteau of Finkle, a common surname, and Hohenheim, a famous alchemist.


Frandoodle has been the mayor of HorrorVale for over a century, and is the creator of the Frankenlings.


Nicklestan wears the standard attire of any good mad scientist. Due to suffering from the effects of the medical condition known as "aging", his flesh has deteriorated, leaving only his head as a brain in jar wearing swirly glasses.


  • A reoccurring gag in the game is that no one is able to remember his name properly. For this reason it is believed that Fackenheem is not the Mayor's real name either.
  • Names The Mayor has been called by: Finkleheim, Funklestein, Picklebrine, Picklebrain, Frandoodle, Nicklestan, Fackenheem, (Con't in later edits).
  • At the end of Act 1 The Mayor's true name is revealed to be Ludwig Frankenstein.
  • The mayor has a rare medical condition found in only .01% of the undead population known as aging. He notes in his diary that he once had deep black hair and blue skin like the common Ghoul. While dying can reset the damages it unfortunately speeds up each time.
  • Going through the books in his lab you can find a list of Frankenlings he's created. While the earlier ones have names later and later ones go by colors or other descriptors before only being labeled by there experiment numbers and job class.
  • His Great grandfather worked with Lord Dracula in attempts to overthrow Hades,similar to Koschei did in Niflheim. It didn't go well.