Webs McGregor is a bowman spider who appears in HorrorVale.


Webs is named after spider webs and the Scottish surname McGregor.


Webs is a 22-year-old spider Scotsman who is an alcoholic bounty hunter, and has a rivalry with Mothman.


Webs is a required teammate being recruited during the main storyline. Webs is first met in Act 2 at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Webs joins the team.


Webs is a spider with four arms and two legs. He wears Victorian style clothing including an orange jacket and hat with a white feather in it, a white cravat, and grey pants with web designs near the boots.

Each arrowhead has an insect design such as a bee or a fly.


Webs is classified as a Bowman, also known as an Archer


  • It is possible he actually has eight limbs, but just uses two for each pant leg.
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