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Wendigos are a species found in HorrorVale.


Wendigos are a frail humanoid species of monsters that are identified thanks to their pale as snow skin, frail and bony bodies, as well as their sharp claws and teeth.


In HorrorVale, the most famous family of Wendigos are the Greymanes, but as a result of Ahanu Greymane marrying a deer folk named Jane Doe, all of their children (and those children's children) wound up as half wendigo, half deer-like undead hybrids. This subspecies is referred to as Carnabou and are identified by their large stature, long and messy fur, huge arms that can reach down to their feet, skulls for heads, large horns, and bony claws along with an exposed spine and ribcage. Carnabou are still a new species, so there aren't many examples of them out there in the Underworld.

Known Characters

  • Ahanu Greymane
  • Theodore Greymane (Carnabou)
  • Abraham Greymane (Carnabou)


  • Wendigos are a creature that appears in Algonquian folklore, they are evil spirits who possess humans that are overwhelmed by greed. Greed in this context refers to performing a number of taboo acts, with the most notable example being a person who commits the act of cannibalism.