Wendy is a half wendigo, half deer lumberjack who lives with her family in a small cabin in the woods.


A common English name based on a shortening of her species name, Wendigo. Her last name is an homage to Castle Grayskull of He-Man fame.


Wendy is a 20-year-old Wendeergo hailing from the forest. Coming from a family of loggers, lumberjacks, and woodsmen, Wendy takes the chance to go exploring when Alice and crew wander into her territory. All else is currently unknown.


Wendy is an optional playable character. She is first met in act (?) at (Location) where Alice (Interacts) before Wendy joins the team.


Wendy is a large, brown-furred, deer-like creature with an exposed upper skull but missing jaw, boney claws, and missing midriff showing off her lower spine. She is wearing a red lumberjack shirt and carries a large single blade axe with a bone handle.


Wendy is stated to be incredibly slow, with low defenses. She possesses high Death Points, Attack, and Fear Attack, however.


  • Wendy is the seventh Patron-made Playable character, Wendy was made by BayoWulf.
  • The same patron has designed a boyfriend for Wendy as an NPC.
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