Wraps is a character in HorrorVale, she is a recruitable party member and the Fearleader captain.


Wraps is named for her wrappings, or bandages, as are found on all mummies.


Wraps is an 18-year old Fearleader at the HorrorVale High.


Wraps is an optional playable character who can be recruited in Act 1. She can be found near Lugosi Lane where she has lost her crook. After searching the nearby graveyard and returning it to her the player is able to recruit Wraps.

Originally, the game would feature "Act Restricted" Party Members, with Wraps and Jekyll exclusive to Act 1 and being unusable outside of town (the player would be able to have them rejoin the party for side quests that occurred in town). During development, the decision was made to remove the act restriction, however Wraps and Jekyll will be unique in that they will still leave the player's party at the end of Act 1. The player will be able to re-recruit them by completing a side quest later in the game.


Keeping with her mummy origins, Wraps is covered in dulled bandages, although they are displaced around the midriff, right knee, and left eye, revealing a body with dark skin and a yellow eye. The bandages atop her head are stylized to resemble bangs over her right eye and a set of pigtails.


Of the three available party members in Act 1, Wraps is a support unit. She boasts significantly more Death Points than either Alice or Jekyll, however, she is not able to hit as hard as her team mates and her basic attack is capable of dealing on average around 60 damage.

◈ Blessing of Isis

An ability that cures Paralysis and Blindness status effects for one ally. Costs 30 Fear Points.

◈ Shadow Claw

An Ectoplasm element attack, a large claw erupts from Wrap's stomach and attacks an enemy. Costs 80 Death Points.

◈ Bind

Wraps binds the enemy with her wrappings, this attack inflicts the Bind status effect on one enemy, preventing them from attacking until they free themselves. Due to being a very powerful ability, it possesses a low accuracy. Costs 40 Fear Points.

◈ Ra's Sunlight

Applies the Sunlight status effect, reducing the damage an individual with this status effect takes from Blood and Lightning attacks. Costs 40 Fear Points.

◈ Blessing of Maat

Cures Confusion and Curse status effects on one ally. Costs 40 Fear Points.

Ability FP Cost Element Target Description
Blessing of Isis 30 Ally - Single Target Call upon the Egyptian goddess Isis to cure paralysis and blindness for an ally.
Shadow Claw 80 (DP) Ectoplasm Enemy - Single Target Swipe at the opponent with a shadowy claw.
Bind 40 Enemy - Single Target Subdue the foe with your bandages, inflicting the bind status effect. Targets under this effect are unable to perform an action until they free themselves.
Ra's Sunlight 40 Ally - Single Target Call upon Ra to bathe your ally in light and inflict the sunlight status effect. Targets under this effect take reduced damage from blood and lightning attacks.
Blessing of Maat 40 Ally - Single Target Call upon Egyptian goddess Maat to cure confusion and curse for an ally.


  • According to BatWorks Software's lead designer, Dustin Andrews, Wraps was going to have side quest where Jekyll would admit he had a crush on her and made his buff potion to impress her, only to reveal she wasn't into guys. This was removed due to Dustin reconsidering putting romance into the game and the strain it would cause with character interactions.
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