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YG-OR units are a type of robot employed by Mayor Finkleheim that serve as his assistants.



All YG-OR models feature small bodies covered by a brown cloth, with two thin arms and legs protruding from the body. YG-OR models feature small green heads with yellow eyes and a number of screws on their head that differ between models. YG-OR 01 has one screw, a normal sized right eye and an enlarged left eye. YG-OR 02 has two screws, a normal sized left eye and an enlarged right eye. YG-OR 03 has three screws and both eyes are enlarged.


YG-OR 01 and 02 are fought alongside Mayor Finkleheim at the end of Act 1. Each model has slightly different stats and different abilities, but both units are fairly easy to defeat due to their low HP. YG-OR 01 is capable of healing while 02 has higher speed and largely runs around blindly running into Alice and Bolt.


  • The YG-OR units are a nod to the fictional character of Igor, the typical name for the hunchback assistant type character seen in many films featuring mad scientists. The units name being spelled as YG-OR instead of IG-OR is a nod to Ygor, a character from "Son of Frankenstein" and "The Ghost of Frankenstein".